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In this social media age, it’s easy to dismiss email marketing, especially the good old newsletter, but this is one digital marketing tool you do not want to dismiss.

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But what is newsletter marketing? And how can a newsletter work for your small business? Is it even worth it?

In this video, I’ll cover these email marketing tips and more:
✓ Is email marketing worth it?
✓ What is a newsletter?
✓ Why create a newsletter?
✓ What are the benefits of a newsletter?
✓ Who is your newsletter for?
✓ How to use a content calendar for your newsletter
✓ How often should you send a newsletter?
✓ What do you say in your email campaigns?
✓ How do you get started with newsletter marketing
✓ How to promote your newsletter
✓ How to sell with your email newsletter
✓ How to get emails open (increase open rates)
✓ How to stay committed to sending a newsletter

If you have any questions about email marketing for small business – leave a comment!

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