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We’ve set up hundreds of Google Business Profiles, and questions always arise about your address.

Can you put your home address? Should you use a service area? Will it hurt to hide your address?

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Let’s go over all these questions and more.

In this video, you’ll learn:
✓ Do you have to provide an address?
✓ How do you verify your address?
✓ How to set up a service area
✓ What if you have no service area or location?
✓ What is a service-based business?
✓ Can you add a home address on your Google Business Profile?
✓ What are home business address requirements from Google?
✓ Will a hidden address hurt your Google ranking?
✓ How do you decide to show a service area or location?
✓ What if you do both?
✓ Are virtual businesses allowed to have a Google My Business?
✓ How to get help setting up your Google Profile from Google?

I hope you enjoy these Google Business Profile Tips!

If you have any questions about small business marketing and Google for small business – leave a comment!

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