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So you have a LinkedIn profile; now what? In addition to searching out viable connections (such as people you already know or have worked with in the past), publishing content should be at the top of your to-do list.

Publishing the right content on your feed as well as in your groups will attract potential leads and increase your credibility and expertise.

One word of caution: Do not publish an article on your wall and then post that same exact article to the twelve groups you belong to. That single activity will get your LinkedIn account frozen faster than you can sneeze. LinkedIn does not tolerate spammers, so post your content carefully.

Suppose you want to post both to your wall and to your groups (which is a smart strategy), either post on two different topics or rewrite one article, so it covers the same topic but not with the same wording. An editorial calendar is helpful when it comes to planning your social media posts.

But if the words “publish content” scare you to death, here are a few tips to publishing the right content on LinkedIn

1. Know your audience and your industry. 

Publish information your audience can use. Are there big changes coming to your industry or new laws affecting your industry? Explain those changes in layman’s terms in a short article. Do you know what problems plague them? Offer daily action steps to help solve those problems.

2. Include images for more engagement and interest. 

Images used in articles should relate directly back to the main topic. Photos also help break up a large page of text, which can be intimidating for even the best readers to tackle online. Purchase photos legally from stock photos houses or use for completely free photos.

Never copy/paste from Google Images; that’s a copyright infringement and against the law.

3. Ask questions and provide insight. 

Are there misconceptions about your industry or what you do?

Clear these up in a simple Q&A article. You could create an entire Q&A series with the questions you receive online or from your customers. When you ask questions, you may also discover new pain points, which you can then discuss or create a new product to address it.

4. Give people a behind-the-scenes look into your business

This topic lends itself to a fun video series where you can address exactly what you do and who your ideal clients are. Don’t be afraid to clearly identify your ideal clients and let them qualify themselves to work with you. The worst thing is to sign on with someone who can’t afford your prices or who won’t do the work necessary to get results.

5. Include a call to action on all your posts. 

What should your reader do next: Join your email list? Call you for a free consult? Meet you at a local networking event? Gently guide your reader to the next step in your sales funnel. Relate the Call to Action to the topic of the post.

When in doubt about what to publish, consider outsourcing the content creation to an experienced social media freelancer. They will brainstorm ideas and help fill in your editorial calendar rather quickly, as well as prepare your content, so all you need to do is approve it and publish it. 

Extend your knowledge and expertise to your audience with your content. You just never know how your content will affect someone or to whom they will pass along your articles.

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